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VMA 2014

What kind of 3rd rate britney teas?

jeds rehashed it first 


I backed up the content of the site, so if anyone wants an archive of their fics with comments etc, hit me up and I’ll zip it up for you for preservation.

Great that Jedcest is back. Can stories be updated and new one's added (hope so). If your able to reply to my question, thank you for your time as I am sure you have loads of questions people want answering!

Hi dear, thank you for your message ♥ unfortunately not at the moment, I can post without approval but I can’t grant rights to anyone or anything like that and haven’t actually heard from Veritas so :(

HOWEVER, keep your eye out for something coming in the next few days :) xxx

Hiii ,I was wondering ,if fics can be uploaded on "jedcest. com" ,or if doesn't work completely again ??

I believe not :( for now let’s enjoy the archive and maybe we can use ao3 or tumblr to post fics? xxx

At this stage I've basically left the jedward fandom and haven't read any fics in well over a year but be anything always played at the back of my mind and it was frustrating we never got an ending. Thanks so much for bringing attention to it and hopefully we can get a couple of new parts to round it off! Hope you are well xxx

I’m glad to hear this! I am very grateful that OM was able to contact them and I’m so hopefully that they will continue! It would be lovely for them (and us!) to get closure wouldn’t it? Here’s hoping :D Hope you are well too :) xxx


Thank you so much, Veritas :) xxxx

Be Anything - by bucketofmoonbeam


Booya. This fic was previously posted on I managed to get in contact with the author, and am posting the fic here with her permission so that those who loved it / new readers can enjoy the cest! She has said she may write more chapters (there’s 11 atm, and the fic may be finished to 15) if people are interested in seeing the ending etc. So that’s a thing that might happen! Anyway…

(I’m going to put the fic under a Read More as there’s quite a lot of words, so clicky to ready:)

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Did anyone by any chance save Be Anything on a Word or text file? Was it called that? ;( you know that amazing fic that was never finished that was eerily accurate?


Ok, so you may have seen this:

I just called and it turns out policies have changed so it is not possible to pay UNLESS you have access to the account’s email address, billing password or PIN.

Now, I do not have access to any of that. I was NEVER actually close to ANYONE on the jedcest community because I’m a dick, or with any of the big cesters when it was blossoming. I don’t have ANYONE’S phones numbers or personal emails or anything. I just wrote a lot.

Now, I ask of you, anyone who may have at one point known Veritas personally, or any of the other people who were big names or anyone who may have any info on how to contact Veritas OUTSIDE of fandom who can give me a pointer will be greatly appreciated.

I have tried to contact her in every way that I can think of for months, and I can offer free hosting to the site and I would be glad to just keep paying the bills, but as it stands, I’m no longer able to. Any help appreciated, whether you know how to contact her, what email she used for the main account, the billing password, the support PIN, or even if you know any other less orthodox ways to acquire them, I’d appreciate it.